About the Author

Photo of Kristen Witucki by Javi Zavala
Photo of Kristen Witucki by Javi Zavala

Kristen Witucki has been totally blind since birth. She was raised in New Jersey. She earned a BA in English from Vassar College in 2004 with a minor in German and certification to teach students in grades 7-12. She followed it with three Masters degrees: an MA in teaching gifted students from Teachers College, Columbia University, (2006); an MFA in the creative writing of fiction from Sarah Lawrence College, (2008); and an Ed.M in teaching students who are blind or visually impaired from Dominican College, (2011). While in school, she earned her living at Learning Ally, where she helped people with visual impairments, dyslexia and other disabilities to access technology related to reading audio books.

Kristen has completed two works of fiction: The Transcriber, a shorter book for adolescent emerging readers that is part of Gemmamedia’s Open Door Series, and Outside Myself, a novel. Her nonfiction has appeared at the Huffington Post, the Momoir Project, Literary Mama and Brain, Child.

Kristen is a teacher of blind and low vision students for Vistas Education Partners and a content writer for Tamman Inc. She has also served as a mentor for college students who are blind and, more recently, has mentored writers for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and children.


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  1. I just wanted to say that I found your blog today and really enjoy reading it. I’m 17 and have been blind since birth and it’s so nice to read about an adult who is blind because I can learn things from the experiences you write about.

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