Little Boy on the Train–Written Before Tad and Harping

I met this cute little two-year-old boy on the train. He came over,
fascinated by Tad and was pointing out his different body parts, so I was
pointing them out with him. Sometimes he would say, “What’s that?” and I wouldn’t know what he was pointing at, so I would
talk to him about something else. But he didn’t seem to mind. I am
worried about when that question will come from you, because I will actually want to tell you whatever it is you’re fascinated by, to give you the thing’s name. We will have to learn to communicate verbally and tactually. Anyway, the kid was standing so I told him to sit on the seat (I was on a tripple) so he
wouldn’t fall. He climbed over the arm of the
seat instead of approaching the seat like an adult would. Then he got
a little bored With Tad and started jumping on the seat. I kept hold around him so he wouldn’t fall, and then his dad came and got him, but I was sort of fascinated by how well he balanced jumping on a moving
train seat. His agility was so youthful! I’m sure even when I was little I did not have his
balance. Tad remained calm. Actually he was
calmer on the train having a little kid to look at. I think he
sniffed the kid and probably licked him but let him touch him and pull
on his ears and everything. I also think the kid was relatively
gentle with Tad anyway. I knew Tad was fine with little people, but
it was still nice to witness that before you arrive.
The little boy was very trusting of me, maybe because I had a dog, maybe because I was pregnant. I have no idea. I know someday you will come into the world thinking everyone wants the best for you. I hope you always encounter such people.
I am listening to harp music, and I’m longing for a harp. I have not played the music on a speaker for you in utero yet, but I plan for your first song to be Grainne Hambly’s arrangement of “The Jointure and Jig.”


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